Thursday, April 23, 2015

Who Are You?

Many people take time away from the real world to go off to “find out who they are.” People believe that traveling the world, going to Whistler and becoming a ski bum, or leaving their girl/boyfriends, spouses and families will help them on their journey to discovering “who they are.”
Personally, I believe if you ask God, He will be happy to show you who you really are. If that does not interest you, then have a go at trading in the financial markets. If you are in a hurry, intraday trading in the spot forex market with high leverage will even accelerate the process and you will have to look no further.
Trading the financial markets will expose many truthful characteristics about you, for example:
• Are you disciplined?
• Do you deny truths about yourself?
• Can you follow rules?
• Are you submissive and admissive when you should be?
• Do you easily become emotionally charged and irrational?
• Do you react without thinking?
• Are you a planner?
• Are you flexible, or rigid in your thinking?
• Are you prideful or humble?
• Are you objective, or opinionated?
• Do you hold a bias, or can you consider facts in an unbiased manner?
• Are you stubborn and have to be right all the time?
• Are you greedy?
• Do you do things beyond your means?
• Are you willing to change?
• Do you buy things in hope of what you would like to be, rather what is. I.e.

exercise equipment that does not get used.
And the list continues…

There is a saying:
“If you know the market and know yourself, you will consistently profit. If you know the market but not yourself, your success will be random. If you do not know the market or yourself, you will consistently lose money.”
Success in the market is not just about the market; it is also about knowing how you react to fear and greed.
A trader will continue to struggle if they are unwilling to identify true characteristics about themselves, regardless of how undesirable they may seem. Further, the process of knowing yourself as a trader and a person will never end, so do not delay.

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