Sunday, April 19, 2015

Things Necessary for Every Trader

Today we will speak about the things that absolutely necessary for every self-respecting trader. Without these things, life of trader will be gray, sad and boring, and stop-loss will be much more frequent than the take-profit. If the trader will have those things which are listed below - the life of him immediately will start to play with all the colors of the rainbow and success will always accompany him in trading!

So, first: As everyone knows, the work trader - are very simple moral, but very difficult physically. Every day you have a lot of sitting in one position, making millions of mouse clicks. It is exhausting. You have to be strong, very well prepared physically. You absolutely need to regularly go to the gym and swimming pool. You also need a personal masseur, who in the course of a hard day will be massage your tired shoulders.

Second, the trader's job is impossible without a very well developed workplace. You do need a large, comfortable chair, I prefer the natural leather upholstery, but it's to your taste, the main thing that was a comfortable chair, beauty and glamorous is secondary. It is also possible built-in chair massage, but since we already have a personal masseuse - we can save on this function. Then - you have to see and control everything that happens in the market. Nothing should escape your attention. You do need a rack with six large monitors. On six monitors you can see everything, you can even see the color of socks Ben Bernanke (everyone knows a trading strategy, "What color necktie Bernanke today?" But it is not current, real traders are guided by the color of his socks.) You can save and limited to four monitors, I tried this, I failed, i really need six and even more.

The third. Despite the fact that you are sure to do all of the above to be the perfect trader - crafty stop-loss is sometimes still happen. Once a year, at most, but even happens once a year stop-loss is very unpleasant. To brighten up the bitterness of this extremely rare and extremely unpleasant events, and keep your nerves in order - you need a whiskey. Good Scottish whiskey. I will refrain from advertising, except to say that I prefer whiskey category Single Malt Scotch Whisky, exposure of 12 years or more. This is the best way to deal with a stop-loss and the market in general, believe me. Never use a cheap grades!

Fourth. The trader needs a good sleep and good food. You do need a large bed with a mattress and a pillow from the Thai latex and sheets I prefer from the Chinese silk. Food - to your taste, but avoid carrots in your food, carrot extremely harmful to traders.

That's all you need for a successful trading. Yes, of course we still need a good broker. But then the choice is obvious - if you're reading this article - you already know which broker - the best.

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