Sunday, April 19, 2015

There once Was a Trader.

A friend mused well on its trading and its operations in the foreign exchange market:
- "I'm ready to open my real account to invest in forex" - because After deleting several demo accounts and in the last year and have achieved 300% in positive returns on your demo account is told himself : "because I have already read the notes Suson, I've read many books and technical analysis in forex and stock market investments, I have been in seminars expert traders, I read every week in analysis of the EUR / USD to a trader expert, tune financial channel to be informed. "

Our friend, read also a teacher and almost achieved its target set to pass a real how much 1000usd to 10000USD, win 1000% in less than a year. and our friend, he said: "I also am going to achieve my goal and that is lower than his."
Our friend believed that financial markets operate in a speculative manner was easy, and that anyone could win in a job where only wins five percent of workers (professional traders).
Our friend after looking at the history of your demo account and make the required calculations, thought it was quite feasible to achieve its new purpose. So true friend chose the broker for your real account, deposited money (500usd) and was ready for its first operation with real money, the poor naive would get between the bulls and bears, and sharks navigate.

Our friend was ready at the computer, it was 8am NY time, looked at the charts of the EUR / USD and GBP / USD, in all temporalities, drew the proper day support and resistance, pivot points, trend channels and trend lines, and then checked his confidence indicator, and which were sought fundamental news today.

Our friend waited for the price to give her a sign. at about 8:30 a.m. saw that there was a pattern trend change signal and was very clear to enter the market buying the EUR / USD. so without hesitation ("this is very easy and I'll get a lot of money fast, he thought our friend"), immediately entered the market, put your stop loss, and the price immediately began to go against him, our friend started sweating, to fear, began to hurt the stomach (fear, sweating, shaky hands, despair, I will lose my money.)
when he saw that he had decided to extend 15pips against your stop loss was set at the 20pips, 30pips and took away from your entry price. Our friend was uneasy (stomach agony, fear, increased sweating, heart racing) as the market again approached his stop loss, so I decided to extend it another ten pips.

Then the price went still oscillating in a range 5pips and began to regain emotional control, recalling among fears that this was normal in the market, but for him it was the first time I felt these things, it was the first time market faced with real money, with their own money and that if I was suffocating (anxiety, ambition, concern).

Then when they would be 9:30 am (opening wallstreet) the price began to recover lost ground, crossed his entry price as 1PIP wore for decided to close its operation, for there at that point all his pains and fears were . Then the price went to give their take profit of 20pips scheduled, but without him was not able to hold their position in the market. (Fear, despair, stupidity, the price suddenly returns again.)
Gains from trade. 0.10usd.

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