Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get A Life

Do you know why you trade?
Is it the fun and excitement, the sheer nerve-jangling, adrenaline rush that comes from trading the
word's financial markets?
Perhaps you enjoy status of being a trader? "Hi - John Doe - Futures Trader - nice to meet you..."
For some traders, it's an escape. They hate the world around them - their job, their boss, their spouse,
their whole life in fact. Trading then becomes a fantasy to slip into at will.
The fact is, trading has to be about one thing.
Making a profit.
If you do it for any other reason, you are probably doomed to failure, because you'll operate from
emotion instead of the cold, mechanical thinking that's the hallmark of a good trader.
Look at your own motivations for trading. See if you can discover a hidden agenda. If there's
something missing in your life that trading is currently filling, then you need to address that.
Live a balanced life. Don't spend the whole day trading. Meet people. Get out! Start a new business.
Find new interests.
Keep your trading desk free from emotional clutter.

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