In interaction with traders, observe a predominant state in its behavior during operations: fear.
Fear of winning and losing 
This condition affects a blow results in operations. And the fact not be perceived generally entail disastrous consequences. But once identified, it is possible to turn it into insight and prudence. Character essential for profitability.
Fear is a feeling that leads to behaviors that can escape the our control. It is inherent in human beings. Once recognized and identified, becomes an additional tool in the application of technical knowledge.
How to identify the fear?
The big secret is to acknowledge your thoughts, for they are generating feelings.
One of the hallmarks of successful investors is exercise insistent self-knowledge, because they were convinced that, through this practice, gained self-control. Ie acquiring a larger domain of emotions, impulse and intuition, knowing uses them. Can also control its own fear. Thus, it makes their operations more efficiently.
To identify the fear, the feeling must realize that the causes.
Imagine yourself in one of these situations:
1ø - Loss of something desired;
2ø - Loss of prestige;
3ø - Need for approval from others (rejection, criticism, failure);
4ø - Loss of self-esteem (guilt or hatred toward himself).
We found that once dominated by these feelings, the individual tends to ignore your intuition and even the external signs (visual and auditory), the prevent losses or gains during market operations.
We call it anxiety. In an attempt to get rid of this state, man develops various ehaviors. However, turns out not to be free from anxiety, but mask it. Example:
• Do not accept in reality a fact that disturbs - "fantasizing" that other events are not like that, that actually did not happen.
Ex: If you distort market information, are not seeing the reality the same, but creating an illusion.
• Find reasons acceptable to unacceptable thoughts and actions.
Ex: Change your perception of the market to justify a purchase by example, even if the paper makes a bottom below the bottom previous to distort information, the traders might believe that it is only a small correction, when in fact it is a substantial change in tendency.
• Want something and yet take actions contrary.
Ex: You know analyze the market very well, but can not make money. It operates efficiently for a period running his methodology with discipline; however, abruptly commits any mistake absurd.
These are situations where you identify yourself on a daily and as they aware of the source of your anxiety will start the domain on it.

Thoughts that cause fear
Our original thought on "lose" or "win" comes from our theologies based on fear. You were raised in a culture that taught you that you are not responsible for their feelings, although the truth is: you have always been responsible.
Are you the person responsible for the way you feel. You feel what thinks and can learn to think differently about anything to resolve to do it. Ask yourself if compensates feel unhappy, depressed or angry or hurt, then go to meticulously examine the kind of thinking that leads you to experience these debilitating feelings.
Fear of failure is, in our society, a powerful, instilled in childhood and often charged for life.
You may be surprised hearing this, but failure does not exist. It just another person's opinion on how it should have been done particular act. There may, however, occasions when you fail in some given task, according to their own standards. The point here is not equate the act in terms of their own self-esteem.
Not succeed in an effort particular does no mean failure as a person, but simply not be successful this test in particular, in this particular moment. Without failure, we learn nothing, and yet we learn to value success as the only acceptable standard.
The concept of "security" as charged in our growth, referring to external guarantees, ownership of things such as money, requires a whole set of organized thought that prevents you from living your present moments. Living According to this plan assumes a guarantee that everything will well forever.
Security means knowing what will happen. Security means absence of excitement, risks, challenge. Moreover addition, security is a myth. And even that was not a myth, it would be a horrible way to live. The assurance of things eliminates the exaltation and-development.
Throughout his life, the most futile emotions are guilt for what was done and worry about what could have been done. Guilt means that you that you waste your present moments immobilized as a result of past conduct, while the concern is that the ploy
This keeps the immobilized due to anything further, almost always something over which they have control. You can see this clearly if you try to think in him self feeling guilty of an event that has yet to occur, or worrying about something that has already happened. Although a reaction aimed at the future and the other to the past, both serve the same purpose of keeping you upset or inert in your present moment.
It is not happening today that makes men mad. It is the remorse something that happened yesterday and the dread of what tomorrow may reveal.
If you are making plans, and if the activity of the present moment can help to a more convenient, so it is no concern. Only concern is when you are somehow fixed, now, because of an event future.
Some suggestions for changing thoughts:
• Begin to face your present moments as time to live, instead of letting obsess about the future.
• Begin to face your fears with thinking and behavior positive.
• Begin to face the past as something that can never be changed, not matter how you feel about it. It's over!
• Begin to accept some things about you that you chose, but that others might not like.
Reconsider your value system. Values ​​that you believe in and what are the pretending to accept. Make a list of all these false values ​​and decide to live According co a code of ethics that is established by yourself, and not one that it has been imposed by others.