Monday, April 20, 2015

Business Philosophy

Inherent in people's concept, in accordance with the IQ level, the children are classified into two types, clever child and not clever child, not clever boy was referred to as " stupid kid ". Adult have asserted, clever children will accomplish something how great cause in the coming days, but few do so evaluation of " stupid kid ".
Before I, also agree with this notion, but until yesterday, saw a short essay, it made me changed to " stupid child .".
It probably means is this: there are several children are eager to become a wise man student, the wise man gave them a candlestick, that they want to keep the light. Results a day two days past, the wise never came, most children are no longer wipe the candlestick. One day the wise man comes suddenly, dust it with all the candlestick of thick, only one is known as " stupid kid " child, while wise not to, but he wipe every day, the results of this " stupid kid " to become the wise students.
The story is so simple, but how can this " stupid kid " the don't make people sit up and take notice? We can make the students become wise, as is to enable people to the chance of success. And the children, there must be more than " stupid kid " smart hundreds of times, they must have more than " stupid kid " clever many, but why only " stupid kid " grasp the opportunity?
This is due to " stupid kid " philosophy of life: simple +. Because the " stupid kid " no extraordinary intelligence, not surprisingly, only have a pair of industrious hands and pragmatic character, he can stand in the life of irritability, can calm, so, the opportunity finally favor him.
Originally wanted to achieve the ideal is very simple, as long as the real to do it. The fate of the original master the method is very simple, away from the lazy. With the philosophy of life of children, he can be said to be stupid?
In the Spring and Autumn Period, a state of Zhao rich kids, very like riding.
So, hired a Song State teacher to teach their own horse riding. Fast forward three years later, the teacher taught very carefully, the students studied very hard,
Finally, one day, the teacher said to the students, I have all I will teach you has nothing to teach you,
Tomorrow I will leave here, before that, we rode a test it test your level in the end how.

Thus, two pick the approximate two horses, subject to fifty miles away, began a test.
Results of a round down, apprentice to lose badly
The apprentice is not convinced, said: "Master, must be the horse we change horses test of it."
Two interchangeably horse, began to re-test of the results, the apprentice and he lost.
Thus, the apprentice unhappy
On master said: "Master, I'll give you so much money, and so hard to learn from you, but you have kept the best trick does not teach me."

"I really have my riding to teach you, the reason why you lost your riding is not good, but because of your great, I'm not." Master said,
"We are learning the art of Yu Ma to let the horse run faster.
Things in the world, however, Individually own laws, the horses run is no exception, in most cases, the horses knew how to run. We have mastered the technology, how to horse riding how to play the horses, only need to show up in the horse race is not normal when.
But you have all the time to use your riding neglected horses run itself law, soon tired horse, then the failure is naturally things.
Apprentice epiphany, no longer cling to your riding, and more attention to the law of the horse itself, hand Riding sophisticated, finally troops unity equestrian master.

In fact, this story illustrates the dialectical relationship between technology and theory.
Technology itself is not wrong, it summed up the experiences and lessons of the masters of the ancient predecessors tricks Collection
But we are too concerned about the technology, always using our technology to operate
There are two reasons for the failure:

Technology itself belongs to a very low level, lack of upper philosophy guiding.

2 the technology itself Meihuahao. Transaction itself is a complete system, so forget when to buy, when to hold and when to sell, how much of the funds management positions, must be a complete system, a closed circle, but we tend to consider as.

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