Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best Hours to Trade Forex

Since the Forex market is open 24 hours a day, a trader can’t track every single movement on the market. It’s crucial for a trader to know when he can expect high volatility, so that he can implement his strategy on the most effective way. If you’re trading using daily charts, the best period to analyze Forex is around 5pm EST because that’s the rollover period.
If you’re trading on shorter time frames, you must know when you can expect more volatility.

The most important Sessions on Forex are:
 The Asian Session (7pm – 4am EST) – During this period, you can successfully day trade especially if you trade the yen. USD/JPY is a good choice if you plan to trade on this session. This period is not as volatile as the US session or the European session, but it’s possible to trade it and achieve a good performance;

The European Session (2am – 12pm EST) – This is one of the best periods to trade Forex. Since most of the dealing desks of large banks are located in London, the majority of major Forex transactions are completed during this session. During this period you can implement a successfully strategy on any currency pair.

The U.S. Session (8am – 5pm EST) – This is another great period to implement your forex strategies. Volatility is good, and you can expect good volatility on any currency pair.
The European and U.S sessions are the most important ones on Forex, so you can trade between 2am and 5 pm EST and get good intraday swings almost every single day.
Between 8am and 12pm EST we have the U.S. session and the European session at the same time. This is the best time of the day to trade Forex. Volatility is good in all currency pairs. Some of the most important economic releases appear during this period, and this brings good opportunities for Forex traders almost every single day.

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