Thursday, April 23, 2015

Be Your Own Boss

You're the one in charge of your trading. You alone are responsible for your success or failure as a
Not the market... not the trading system... not the government or the Federal Reserve.
That's quite a responsibility. You handle it by being kind to yourself.
Become your own mentor. Watch how you're behaving during the trading session. Be especially
careful to notice your feelings.
Focusing on your feelings gives you useful feedback about your performance. Remember that having a
"winning day" or a "losing day" is not the issue here. All that's important is how you're performing in
the job.
Are you being professional, remaining emotionally detached?
Or are you starting to get irritable at the market... the market makers... the unfairness of life...?
Negative emotions are early-warning signals that you need to cool down and relax. Get back into your
Observe the tension in your body and release it. Just let it go. Perform the visualization exercise again.
Remind yourself that it's all percentages. This is just another trade, just another day.
If you make a mistake during your trading - and who doesn't - don't beat yourself over the head with it.
Learn from it. Make a mental note to build on it. Thank the market for the training lesson ;-) and move
Be nice to yourself! It's very important that you avoid spiraling down into an emotional cycle where
you end up doing some serious damage to your account and to your own ego.

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